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Apps to Build Stunning Websites

  • Website Builder

    Get an awesome enterprise website.Fully customizable and SEO friendly

  • e-Commerce

    Boost your online sales with sleek product pages.

  • Blogs

    Attract more leads with a winning content marketing strategy.

Apps to Boost Your Sales

  • CRM

    Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenues.

  • Quote Builder

    Create polished, professional proposals in minutes and let customers sign online.

  • Point of Sale

    Touchscreen point of sale based on iPad or Android tablets.

Apps to Run Your Business

  • Project Management

    Enable your project right way Step by step get work done.

  • Billing

    Manage contracts, create recurring invoices,bill timesheets, get paid faster.

  • Accounting

    Integrate book keeping with all your operations to keep accurate informations.

  • Warehouse Management

    A revolutionary double-entry inventory management system.

  • Manufacturing

    Manage, plan, track and schedule all your manufacturing operations.

  • Purchase

    Get the best from your supply chain.Improve your inventory performance.

Apps to Boost Your Marketing

  • Mailing

    Design efficient emails campaigns Send, convert and track your success.

  • Live Chat

    Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and boost online sales.

  • Survey

    Raise high quality insights through surveys, a great way to engage with prospects.

  • Lead Automation

    Design campaigns, refine segmentation,automate actions and track performance.

  • Events

    Create sleek and attractive event pages Sell online and organize on site.

  • Community Builder

    Build and engage with communities with forums, Q&A, mailing lists.

Apps to Delight Your Employees

  • Employees

    Oversee your employees directory Retain significant informations about your team.

  • Enterprise Social Network

    Start the dialogue and share knowledge Informations collection made easy

  • Recruitment

    Streamline Your Recruitment Process Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles

  • Expenses

    Have an overview of your employees expenses Access an accurate tracking tool

  • Appraisal

    Employees development follow-up Set-up appraisals and watch your employees evolution

  • Fleet

    Fleet management at its top Take care of all actions regarding your fleet

Tools to Boost Your Productivity

  • Business Intelligence

    Design your dashboards, setup KPIS,slice and dice on your cubes.

  • API

    Connect Odoo to external applications through JSON-RPC or XML-RPC.

  • Instant Messaging

    Chat in real time with your colleagues,share screens and talk online.

  • Gamification

    Boost engagement, promote smart objectives,reward and challenge your teams.

  • Discuss

    Organize groups of discussions and communicate efficiently on all resources.

  • Notes

    Personal to-do lists that works. Share and collaborate on meeting minutes.

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